PRS01 paper tape was(Re: PDP-8/e restoration (wasRe:Oscilloscopes)`)

From: John B <>
Date: Mon Dec 27 12:41:30 1999

>> Also, what are the current licensing issues with RT11, RSX, and RSTS? A
>> list members have offered to help me read in all the different versions
so I
>> can post them on the Internet.
>Still very much licensed, I'm afraid. There is a bobbyist license that
>applies to (I believe) Supnik's emulator _only_ for some versions of
>these OS's, but there's no affordable license to run them on real hardare
>or other hardware.

So what you are saying is I can post most versions of every OS and state
that they may only be used on Supnik's emulator. I guess it will be up to
the honest end-user.

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