Lamp panels (was Re: PRS01 paper tape)

From: Ethan Dicks <>
Date: Mon Dec 27 15:33:55 1999

--- Tony Duell <> wrote:
> > > Those lamp panels (144 lamps IIRC) are fun. They're used on other DEC
> > > peripherals as well -- the RK11-C can take one (where it displays most of
> > > the registers, etc).
> Yes, of course. The input signals are all TTL level... and the panel is just
> driver transistors and lamps. You could use (e.g) ULN2803 chips to drive
> lamps... I probably have a schematic of the panel in the DX11 prints.

OK... so fabrication isn't a big deal, but knowing which cable pins get named
what is. I mean there's disk registers of various types, but just sticking
a gross of bulbs on the end of a cable protruding from the backplane will
result in some pretty interesting, but random lights.

If your DX11 prints surface, cool. No need to go digging. I'm a long way off
from resurrecting the RK11-C. I have an RKV11-D that I'll use first, to scan
and backup my tower of RK05 packs. I know I've got RT-11 v4 on RK and v5 on
RL disks; it's just a matter of slapping together a system with RL drives,
RK drives and getting an RL drive on my MicroVAX again for easy data transfer
($ BACKUP/PHYSICAL...) OTOH, I finally landed a DEQNA, but have no idea how
I'd use it under a non-UNIX PDP-11 OS (like RT-11 or RSX), but that's a
different topic for a different day. This is TTY month.


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