Help IDing MicroVAX 3100

From: Allison J Parent <>
Date: Mon Dec 27 21:15:40 1999

<>From the sticker on the back:
<Model: DV-31BAB-A
<Serial: WF94205462

VAXserver3100 M20

<Top row (installed cards? from left to right):
<far left: looks like a small Centronics-type port, has this logo above it:
<| ---> |
<| (4 - 11) |
<| <--- |

Optional extra serial port expander (yes ports 4-11).

<Any idea of what exactly I've got? I know its a MicroVAX, I just dont know
<how fast, how old, etc.

it's a 3100 series from very late 89 through 92ish. They run VMS well
and are not too slow (2.4VUP minimum). Most have dual scsi controller
(SCSI-I) and are decently solid.

<Anybody interested in this thing? I'm not in the mood to collect
<VAXen at this point and time..

If no one jumps that is closer I'm interested.

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