OT?: Illegal Transmitters

From: Mike Ford <mikeford_at_socal.rr.com>
Date: Mon Dec 27 20:16:21 1999

>While the direct subject is off topic, if the Federal raids *were* at
>gunpoint and actually were *raids*, I could see this becoming a problem
>collecting some computers.

The Clinton administration has allowed or inspired serious erosion of civil
liberties. I think it is one of those Nixon in China things, Clinton
politically needs to "act" very hard line on law and order issues. This
translates into making political hay with any areas he has a personal wedgy
about, or polls well.

Making this relevent. I was in one of the surplus joints I dig around in
last week when half a dozen police cars arrived in about two cents short of
a swat team. Somebody that I assume this guy either owes money to, or in
some other way has POed, used the magic words to the police, "drug lab".
This is fairly ridicuous, as the unit is a typical 20x60 foot miniwarehouse
that is maybe 75% goods on pallets that come and go once a week. There
isn't a place to hide anything, not to mention the dozen different vendors
that dig through it every week. Use the magic words though and six
cruisers, one K9, one helicopter, and one motorcycle were happy to keep
everyone they found inside entertained on the ground for half an hour.
Weird, not at all pleasant experience.
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