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From: Megan <>
Date: Tue Dec 28 00:45:51 1999

>So what you are saying is I can post most versions of every OS and state
>that they may only be used on Supnik's emulator. I guess it will be up to
>the honest end-user.

No... only those OSes which are covered by the license (regardless
of how restrictive it is) should be made available for general

Please do NOT make later copies (in the case of RT, copies later
than V5.3) available because if you do, it demonstrates to Mentec
that we (the hobbyist community) might not be able to be trusted
with what they have made available, which might make them less
likely to remove the restrictions.

The current restrictions are:

        1) Only those operating systems and layered products
           earlier than specific releases (in the case of RT,

        2) For us ONLY on the accepted emulators (Supnik and
           Viking, possible Charon).

        3) The license does NOT grant the right to use the
           software on REAL HARDWARE.

So, please adhere to the terms of the license which has been
arranged with Mentec/DEC/Compaq or there may not be another
one (or the current one could be withdrawn).

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                                        Former RT-11 Developer

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