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>> If you like the big thingys, the old PC (not AT) Keyboard was quite
>> ok (I'm using some still today on Pentium class machines :), but the
>Could you explain how you get around the incompatibilities of the pre-AT
>keyboard circuit?

At one point (oh, almost ten years ago now) small "adapters" were readily
available for a few tens of bucks to let you use true blue IBM PC keyboards
on machines expecting AT keyboards.

I haven't seen these being sold for many years, but they must occasionally
turn up at the usual outlets.

Personally, I don't really like the IBM PC keyboards, I'm far more agile with
a VT100 or DEC LK201 at my fingertips :-).

>ON-Topic_analogy: The phrase "SINGLE-Density" never existed until the
>marketing people started calling MFM "DOUBLE-Density".

Good point. When did IBM introduce MFM "double-density" MFM 8 inch floppies?
I'm guessing 1975 or 1976, based on samples I have here.

The DEC RX02 was just a little bit later, IIRC.

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