Atari ST Y2k Question

From: Aaron Christopher Finney <>
Date: Tue Dec 28 15:04:00 1999

There's no internal clock in the Atari ST. The only things which may be
messed up are 3rd party external clock cartridges. So far, I haven't come
across a list of Y2K-compliant software for the ST's, but the number of
apps that use time/date are few (i.e. BBS software, etc.).


On Tue, 28 Dec 1999, Zane H. Healy wrote:

> OK, I've got someone asking me if there Atari ST's are Y2k. Considering
> the fact that the only Atari I've got working is a TT030 and I've not
> touched it in a couple years (can't even get to it at the moment), does
> anyone have any ideas on this? I don't even remember if you can set the
> data on a ST. It sounds like a they've got 520's.
> Somehow I don't think they're up to attempting a TOS upgrade, if you can
> still get the necessary parts to accomplish that. Somehow I think the best
> answer for them is to set the clock back.
> On a related subject does Win95 barf if you've not bothered to set the
> clock back? Who knows when I'll next bother to turn on my Win95 laptop at
> work (I use it for about 5 minutes a month, if that).
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