RRD42 and TKZ50

From: Bruce Lane <kyrrin_at_bluefeathertech.com>
Date: Wed Dec 29 08:58:03 1999

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>I'm also in need of a serial cable that has the funny "offset rj11" plug
>on one end and a standard DB25 on the other... so any pointers will be

        This type of plug is called an 'MMJ' (Modified Modular Jack). The blank
plugs, the crimping tool (AMP) to crunch them onto the raw wire, and the
necessary 6-conductor flat wire itself, are all available from Graybar
Electric Supply (offices all over the place -- check your local phonebook
or www.graybar.com).

        The nice thing about the crimping tool is that, although kind of pricey
(around $130 with a die set or two), it can be reconfigured to do just
about any kind of modular plug except the big 10-pinners. I've found it to
be a good investment because I do my own network patch cables (RJ45 plugs),
telephone work, and MMJ plugs.

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