Has anyone found the best way to preserve paper tape software?

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Date: Thu Dec 30 10:36:59 1999

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Subject: Re: Has anyone found the best way to preserve paper tape software?

>>I really like "plug and play" Qbus systems but I don't think there is a
>>paper tape interface nor a DECTape one?
>There certainly are paper tape interfaces - just about any serial card will
>do for that. If you want 20mA and reader control, a good choice is the
>or the plain old DLV11.

I was hoping to use a PC05. Guess I will find a PR/S01 on the next trip...

>>>The beauty if that a 11/73 series will run most PDP-11 unix and PUPS has
>>>the license for any version at $100 and also an archive of PDP-11
>>>of unix.
>>I would really like to run Unix on a PDP-11 (hopefully a 45 with all core
>>and FPU) but have never found the software.
>You *aren't* working in a vacuum, you know :-). For the past several

Until I got on this list that is what it felt like. Most people don't know
about this list and only have access to the info available on the newsgroups
or peoples pages which tends to be incomplete.

>years, Bob Supnik's emulators have come with Unix V5 through V7
>binary distributions (see ftp://ftp.digital.com/pub/DEC/sim/ ),

I have been told that the software there *only* runs on the simulator. Will
the software on the site listed above run on real hardware or was it
modified to only run on the simulators? I was told by a list member that the
RT11 there will not run on real hardware.

>and Warren Toomey has an excellent archive available as well as
>easy terms for the Unix source license you'll need to access it
>(see http://minnie.cs.adfa.oz.au/ and click on "PUPS". Note
>that Adfa is offline for the summer holidays - I think they're
>back up on Jan 3.)
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