Question for you 'big iron' collectors

From: Zane H. Healy <>
Date: Thu Dec 30 11:52:35 1999

>Wel-llll, my 11/34A is in a tall rack and with two RL02's, cables and
>accessories it probably weighs in at around 400 lbs (180+ kg). An 11/44 I
>understand can be big. Certain PDP-8's too. So it's argueable that some are

Well, my 11/44 in the garage is two racks, one rack has the CPU, TU58's and
RX02's, the other a pair of RL02's and the terminal distribution panel.
Then there is the racks with the TU81+ and 2 RL01's, 1 RL02, and 2 RA90's
in one of my storage units that go with it.

>'big iron' machines. My 34A is in the basement in the lab area next to its
>LA120. OTOH, my MicroPDP setting next to me is only around 75 lbs or so
>(~34 kg).

Hmmm, my /73 sitting next to me is housed in a MV2 BA123 with a VT420/LA75
sitting on top of it. Never have gotten the external RX02 cabinet I got
for it hooked up, that might end up on my PDP-8/m though...

As for what do I do with all these? Well, they tend to be more fun that
computer games, though they do take up more room :^( Besides you've not
lived till you've played Pacman under RT-11 :^) Plus I actually like using
the PDP-11/73 running RT-11 for TELNETing into my ISP and reading news.
Also my VMS Cluster takes most of a 6' rack, and another 4' pile on a
typing table (that's without all the VAXen I'm not using at the moment),
and I do actually use the cluster for quite a few things.


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