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From: Peter Pachla <peter.pachla_at_wintermute.org.uk>
Date: Thu Dec 30 11:24:05 1999

Hi Tony,

> I think Apricot went on to make some 80286 and higher machines
>that were basically PC-clones :-(

Eventually yes.

After the PC/Xi and "F" series machines they came out with the "Xen"
family. These were in '286 based versions of the earlier PC/Xi machines, in
a different case and with more expansion slots.

They also produced another machine (which I've only ever seen once) which
was '286 based and lived in an identical case to the PC/Xi, with the
exception that it was light grey/white. I don't recall the model number, but
I'm sure it was also IBM incompatible.

It was after these that they joined the throng of clone manufacturers with
the Xen-i and later....

BTW IF anyone in the UK wants a PC/Xi or a couple of the original Xens drop
me a note, they're going free (or swaps for interesting bits if you insist).

  TTFN - Pete.

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