DEC boards avail

From: Nick Oliviero <>
Date: Thu Dec 30 17:29:52 1999

Got hold of some DEC boards here in SoCal that were about to be
scrapped. Some were going to another list member, but haven't been able
to get hold of him (Dave, let me know if you still need the 11/24 bd).

These are rather obscure devices, 2 M3110's(hex), 2 M3111's(hex), 15
M3102's(dual), 1 M8743(hex 11/24 memory) and 1 EMC2 memory

Separately, I picked up a rather dusty quad M8350 ("positive IO bus
interface" ??). Anyone interested in any of these should contact me off
list before the weekend. Yours for the postage, probably not more than
$5 to $6 for a couple of bds. Dont really want to haul these back home
to Houston, so if no takers will return to scrapper.

Happy New Year to all!

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