From: Roger Merchberger <>
Date: Thu Dec 30 19:22:41 1999

Rumor has it that Paul Thompson may have mentioned these words:

>The IBM site is not forthcoming on additional details on the machine.
>>From a quick once over the disk/DASD appear to be SCSI, as does the QIC
>tape. Can anyone confirm?

Sorry, no. Haven't seen the innards of an AS/400 much...

>Any other information would be helpful as well. I will probably be
>spending the evening looking for recovery procedures for lost
>"root/system/whatever" password...what is it on the 400?

AFAICR, one of the most powerful logins is QSECOPR (security operator) and
should have access to darned near everything (if not everything) on the

I have a friend that did a *lot* of work on the AS/400's and might be able
to lend a hand... I'll ask tomorrow.

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