Transcopy 3 Central Point Software card?

From: John R. Keys Jr. <>
Date: Thu Dec 30 19:54:56 1999

Yes, I purchased one new years ago and you need the software that came with
the card. Mine's still in my Compaq 286 back in Texas and so is the
diskette that goes with it. This summer when I go down there I will see if
I can find the manual and software for it. John
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From: Ernest <>
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Subject: Transcopy 3 Central Point Software card?

> I have a small ISA card produced by Central Point Software (1987) with a
> chip on it that reads "Transcopy 3." I'm assuming that this is one of
> cards that you could use to copy protected software disks. Is that right?
> My question is; how do you use it? It has a floppy type cable coming off
> one end, and an empty connector next to it for, I assume, a second floppy
> cable. Has anyone used one of these before? Do I need special software for
> it?
> Thanks for your help.
> Ernest
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