how many heads, Cylinders on a Quantum 540?

From: Richard Erlacher <>
Date: Thu Dec 30 20:36:28 1999

No offense, Allison, but the 1007 and 1005 controllers won't work with that
drive at all, as both 1005 and 1007 are ESDI controllers. You may be
thinking of the 1006's which come in both MFM and RLL. The 1006 WITH an
EPROM on it is the RLL version, while the MFM version uses the
motherboard-resident BIOS to handle the HDD.

ESDI is a high-level interface not at all like the "ultra-dumb"
ST-506/ST-412 interface this drive claims to have, though it does use cables
of similar configuration, hence has similar connectors.

This drive is commonly used with MFM, though its speed control, etc, is
capable of RLL densities as are most "MFM" drives.


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>< Model Interface Capacity Cylinders Heads Sectors
>< Q540 MFM 36MB 512 8 17
>Actually 42mb unformatted and despeding on controller 31-36mb formatted.
>They work real well with WD1005 or 1007 controllers (RLL) for around
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