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From: Peter Pachla <peter.pachla_at_wintermute.org.uk>
Date: Thu Dec 30 20:55:25 1999

Hi Tony,

> Have I just stepped into a timewarp? I seem to remember posting
>that a few months back ;-)

Ah, that's my fault....I had a backlog of nearly 3000 messages from the past
few months which I ate my way through today.

I've not been keeping up with this list due to various outside problems (5
family members hospitalised for several weeks, one after the other). :-(

> My knowledge of Apricots doesn't go much beyond the original PC.
>That was a strange machine -- one of the few MS-DOS boxes to use
>an 8089 I/O coprocessor....

Yes, it's the only machine I've come across so far which utilises the 8089.
It's a neat design, before I got into DEC gear about 10 - 11 years ago I was
a bit of an Apricot nut. That said I've never been interested in the PC
clones they made, of which there were many.

> BTW, what's the connection between Apricot and the Sirius?....

Ah, as I recall Apricot were originally called "ACT" and distributed the
Sirius in this country. When they decided to produce their own PC a couple
of years later they based their design on the Sirius (and renamed themselves
"Apricot") which they had a lot of experience with.

I always thought it was a real shame that they omitted the CODEC and
keyboard control of monitor contrast/brightness and speaker volume. :-( The
"microscreen" while a nice touch never quite made up for that IMHO.

  TTFN - Pete.

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