Question for you 'big iron' collectors

From: Mike Cheponis <mac_at_Wireless.Com>
Date: Fri Dec 31 01:37:25 1999

>> But, I assure you that 15 years from now I'll still have some way to run all
>> of my RT-11 MACRO-11 code unchanged. Just like it's already possible to run
>Yeah, but in 15 years time, just try finding a _new_ Macro-11 assembler.
>Oh, sure you've preserved the one that came with RT11 or whatever, and
>it'll still work. But the same could be said of any language.

Tony, I'm not sure I understand this. If the Macro-11 works just fine,
why would a new one be needed? I suppose a new one could be faster, give
more information, could have a nicer interface, use less core, etc; maybe
that's what you mean?

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