how many heads, Cylinders on a Quantum 540?

From: Richard Erlacher <>
Date: Fri Dec 31 12:50:46 1999

GAWD! That's really a confusing mess! I always thought WD got its
board-level products badly mixed up number-wise, but this is beyond what I'd

I have two flavors of 1007, which are definitely ESDI, only one 1006, though
it's the MFM version, no EPROM, but I did at one time have a 1005 which was
definitely for ESDI and a 1006 which had the RLL chips (5xxx-series) and
turned the MFM drive into an RLL easily enough.

...and I thought the bridge controller boards were badly numbered!


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From: Allison J Parent <>
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Date: Friday, December 31, 1999 10:07 AM
Subject: Re: how many heads, Cylinders on a Quantum 540?

><No offense, Allison, but the 1007 and 1005 controllers won't work with tha
><drive at all, as both 1005 and 1007 are ESDI controllers. You may be
><thinking of the 1006's which come in both MFM and RLL. The 1006 WITH an
><EPROM on it is the RLL version, while the MFM version uses the
><motherboard-resident BIOS to handle the HDD.
>I could be off on the 1007 though I have NO edsi drives and am using 1005
>and WD1007 (least that what the markings are) and both are PC using D540s.
>Also my 1006 was used with them in the current system before I went IDE.
>Note we may be talking across part numbers as I have three 1005s that
>are each decidedly different from each other yet, the primary part of the
>part number is WD1005! I also have 4 flavors of 1002, three differnt
>lengths, one surface mount! Of all the PC controllers from WDC I have
>about ten, starting with the 1002 also the 1003, 1005, 1006 and 1007.
>The only EDSI controller I have is a non WD design and I don't ahve drives
>for that.
><ESDI is a high-level interface not at all like the "ultra-dumb"
><ST-506/ST-412 interface this drive claims to have, though it does use
><of similar configuration, hence has similar connectors.
>Ah, I do know the difference.
><This drive is commonly used with MFM, though its speed control, etc, is
><capable of RLL densities as are most "MFM" drives.
>I've found it to be more successful than others though RD53s (micropolus
>1325s 71mb) were really nice at 100mb RLL and pretty reliable till they got
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