SYM-1 single board computer

From: Mike <>
Date: Fri Jan 1 10:44:32 1999

>> to suggest another target to aim for? ie: What other single board
>> from the era, with on-board keypads, would be fitting companions for the
>> and KIM?
>The AIM-65 (single-board, full keyboard, LED display and 20-column
>printer on-board), SD Systems Z-80 starter kit, Motorola MEK6800, VIM-1
>(predecessor to the SYM-1).
>There are many more, but you only wanted those with on-board keypads.

A few more keypad systems immediately come to mind..

Heathkit ET3400: 680x based
HP5036A: 8085 based
IMSAI 8048 controllers:

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