FSOT: WANG WLTC "Transportable" laptop

From: Jason Willgruber <roblwill_at_usaor.net>
Date: Fri Jan 1 15:38:16 1999


I have a WANG WLTC computer that I would like to either sell for a
reasonable price, or trade for another laptop/portable computer (preferably

Here are the specs:

-8086 (8MHz?)
-10MB internal HD
-WANG compatible LCD (can emulate CGA or Hercules)
-Built-in thermal printer w/plain-paper capability (ribbon available)
-512K RAM
-50-pin Centronics SCSI port for floppy drive, external HD, etc.

This computer supposedly has an in-ROM wordprocessor and spreadsheet, but I
have yet to figure out how to get into them.

I have a not-so-good battery for it, so it will occasionally not boot (sort
of like the Mac Portable - must have a charged battery to run correctly).
The internal P/S has a small problem in that it will occasionally blow a
cap. I think this is either caused by the bad battery or because some of
the other electrolytics are starting to go bad (I have no way of testing

It requires an 18vDC, 1.5 amp external P/S, which I don't have.

The person that I previously had a deal with seems to have backed out again,
so I'm offering it to the first person that responds with a reasonable

I have two WLTC's , and I don't like to have more than one of a single type
of computer, so I'm offering it here, where someone would would possibly be
able to fix/use it. I'd say that it's a fairly durable computer, since my
other one has nearly (a guess) 27,000 hours on the HD, with no bad sectors,
it still ran fine, even after it was dropped, until the external P/S got
zapped last year. Now I run it off of three 6v Power Wheels batteries.

If anyone is interested, or wants a picture of it, send me a personal email,
and I can send you one (about 40k).
                 -Jason Willgruber
                  ICQ#: 1730318
PS>> If anyone has any spare WLTC power bricks, and you want to sell one,
let me know. -ThAnX!
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