seeking docs for Qantel systems hardware

From: Jon Healey <>
Date: Fri Jan 1 21:37:03 1999


I've got a Qantel model 10 system sitting around the house.
My wife used to (I guess she still does occasionally) program
on it.

Qantel was a hardware manufacturer out of Hayward Ca.
They went out of business (sort of) around 1987/88. I say
'sort of' because I think Mohawk Data Systems bought
the support rights. I also think that someone may have
attempted recently to relaunch parts of their product line.

Anyway this system isdefinitely 10 years old. I'd like to see
what hardware documentation might be floating around out
there for this.

In particular I have a real nice High-speed line printer that
I would like to get service and interface info on. It was
manufacture by Teletype but I haven't been able to find a
model number on it and I didn't want to disassemble it
right now.

It is currently still working fine, but I'd like to connect it to
some other equipment. From the little I've examine it, it
appears that it might be a current loop interface (the era
is right for this also).

Anyone familiar with this printer?


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