IBM PC Xenix Re: 6809 vs. '286 (long - Was: Re: Still OT: Pentium / M$

From: David Williams <>
Date: Fri Jan 1 23:32:04 1999

On 2 Jan 99, at 0:16, Roger Merchberger wrote:
> Was there
> a version of Xenix available for an IBM / Clone? I know there was one for
> the Tandy 2000, but that's the only version I've ever seen. How far did
> M$'s licensing go with that OS?

Yes, there was. I have a copy which I picked up from a company I
worked for back in the mid-80s. Xenix-86 Version 2.1 is what is on
the disk labels. OS, dev system and text system. I use to run it
on my AT&T 6300 with 640k and a 10 meg drive. Supported the
main console and a Wyse 50 terminal. Never tried any more
terminals than that mainly because I didn't have any more at the
time. It was fun to play with at home but we dropped it at work in
favor of the 286 version as soon as we acquired an AT clone.

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