Osborne 01 for only $5000.00 - new Scam???

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Date: Sat Jan 2 00:11:12 1999

> I wonder if it was a mistyped $50.00....
> --
 Somehow I doubt it. I looked at this listing extensively because it has links
to his web site. He has very interesting comments about ebay. He states he
makes a living off ebay but I notice he is a stockbroker. Looking at his
current auctions he specializes in collectable ceramics and coins at normal
realistic prices. He has some Transoceanic tube radios that have not met their

The Osborne is a nice collectable with lots of SW and Documentation. These are
the type of items that bring high prices. However his asking price is
ridiculous. I think this is a classic case of speculation by someone who is
not knowledgeable in the field but has a nice find. What is interesting is
that he does know how to sell on ebay.

This, the recent Kaypro and other high priced asking prices have lead me to
wonder if there is a new scam being played on ebay. With all the hits it is a
great source of advertising. List something at a high asking price or reserve.
You pay $2. People who are really interested I think would contact the seller
after the sale to try to find out what happened. The seller could then
negotiate a sale independently, without paying the commission to ebay. The
commission on a high-priced item, while not a lot, is considerably more than
the $2.

The gentleman :) with the Osborne has some very interesting comments about
selling on ebay. His site is http://www.freewarehof.org/

It is obvious that he is a speculator. It is also interesting to notice that
his site link (rey2) to his current sales on ebay has been delisted by them.
His current sales are under a very similar but different name (rey).

I communicated with the $1000 Kaypro seller. He wrote me that he pulled the ad
after he realized that it was priced to high. He also left me an opening to
make an offer. Since I am not buying I didn't reply but I haven't seen it
relisted. Marvin, have You seen it again? I don't follow ebay all that well.

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