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Date: Mon Jan 4 20:00:44 1999

Now that I've dug up the last message to find out what this was about :^)
the ROM on the board I've got is labeled


BTW, did the SCSI chip, and the chip next to it originally have a bubbly
look, or was that just after the board was fried? Can't tell if it's
actually 'bubbly', or if something has splattered the chip.


>Any luck with Zane on the board?
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>From: Bruce Lane <>
>To: Discussion re-collecting of classic computers
>Date: Saturday, January 02, 1999 6:30 PM
>Subject: WTD: TK50Z-GA
>> OK -- I'm making progress. Thanks to John Wilson at Dbit, I found out
>>that the TK50's I'm using may not actually be "standard" SCSI, but a
>>bastardized implementation used only for VS2000's.
>> With that in mind, if anyone's got a TK50Z-GA in working condition
>>(NOT the -FA, which is what I have) that they feel like parting with, I
>>would be happy to buy it.
>> Thanks in advance.
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