Kim-1 Computer

From: Doug Yowza <>
Date: Tue Jan 5 12:09:37 1999

On Tue, 5 Jan 1999, Stephen Dauphin wrote:

> Ebay auction records only go back 30 or 40 days. Anything older is
> flushed from the system. They aren't a repository like dejanews.

Even less for the search engine. I think they keep the data in the
database for about 30 days (so the URL still works), but they stop
indexing the data for searching after only a couple of weeks it seems.

> Only previous reference I have is the following. Is this guy talking
> about the same thing?
> --------
> Vintage KIMSI, Unassembled Computer Kit, WOW Item #13701210

No, this is another case of a braindead greedy ebay seller. The KIMSI is
just an S-100 extension for the KIM, and I told the seller that he wasn't
selling a computer (a KIM was not included), but he failed to update the

-- Doug
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