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Y2K computer glitches hit Sweden taxis, gas pumps.

STOCKHOLM, Sweden - For a while, some taxi passengers got unexpectedly
rides and some motorists had trouble buying gas due to computer glitches
accompanied the new year in Sweden.

Stockholm's largest taxi service recently changed the way it calculates
But when 1998 became 1999, some of its computers didn't adjust properly
passengers were charged normal rates, instead of the higher holiday and
late-hour fares.

"The problem has been patched, and now we'll get to the root of the
problem," Taxi Stockholm managing director Anders Malmqvist said in a

 interview Saturday.

Customers of Statoil, Norway's state oil company that operates about
600 gas stations in Sweden, couldn't use their credit cards Friday
pumps were programmed to accept them only through December 1998.

"There was nothing wrong in the data technology, but rather it was we
programmed badly," Statoil spokesman Henrik Siden told the regional
Oestgoeta Correspondenten.

The day before, police at Stockholm's Arlanda international airport
were temporarily unable to issue provisional travel documents to four

 who had misplaced their passports, the Swedish news agency TT reported.

When they attempted to input the date, some computers would not accept
"99" and

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