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Date: Tue Jan 5 23:43:23 1999

John Lawson wrote:
> Also for those individual's consideration is the factoid that in
>some locations, persons pay *by the second* for their Inet access,
>and I imagine they're more pissed off than most.

Good point, I forget about this when I go on one of my HTML rants, I only
think of it in one of my Binary Attachments rants.

> LAST BIT: ***Seventy-Two*** (72) columns!!!! Please!! I hate trying
>read material that looks like a siesmo-log
>is impossible to scan without getting tennis-match type
>strain, or something. You get the picture.

Something tells me I'm one of the people guilty of this one. Although I
honestly can't say for sure. While I read a lot of my e-mail with 'elm'
(both work and ISP account), when I'm at home I use 'Eudora Pro 4' on a
Mac, and there doesn't seem to be a definite way to set this. However, I
think I _might_ have found a setting that will effect it, either that or it
will drive me crazy when I'm trying to read messages and I'll have to go
back to the way I've had it set, since it looks like it's the setting for
the size of the opening window, and not the number of columns it sends.

>ObClassiccmp: This saturday I am going to rescue an entire Prime
>system, CPU, disks, printer(s) two Kennedy tape drives, and 50 (!)
>boxes of 1/2" tape. This system was central to a large division of

I hope with that much stuff there is also documentation.

>the California State Gummint, and I am taking my portable industrial
>strength de-gausser with me.... a condition imposed by the rescuees.
>I can keep the OS and utils and such, but the HDs have been
>previously formatted and the backup tapes must be wiped or left there
>to be destroyed. WooHoo!

I'm impressed, that's amazingly understanding of them!


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