FWD: Large computer in the UK...

From: Philip.Belben_at_pgen.com <(Philip.Belben_at_pgen.com)>
Date: Wed Jan 6 06:33:52 1999

Kevan Heydon reported Nick Maclaren as haveing said:

> We are likely to want to decommission a large computer for scrap in
> the near future, and are trying to find a company that will do it
> most economically and with least damage to the machine room. It is
> about 14 tons (I think), and includes a lot of heavy copper cabling,
> and may have more salvageable materials in the main boxes.

I'm tempted to suggest the Cambridge University Computer Preservation
Society, just to annoy them :-)

I suspect that this is the old IBM 3084 that ran Phoenix. Any Cambridge
people with more info? More to the point, what is to become of the
software? Tapes? etc.

I'd love it but I (a) have nowhere to put it and (b) have difficulty
transporting anything over 1/2 ton.

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