FWD: Large computer in the UK...

From: Joe <rigdonj_at_intellistar.net>
Date: Wed Jan 6 18:05:30 1999

At 06:05 PM 1/6/99 +0100, Philip wrote:
>PS In the UK, you need an LGV (light goods vehicle) driving licence for
>anything above 3.5 tons unladen, and an HGV driving licence for anything
>above 7.5 tons. Anyone know what you could put in a 3 ton truck? My own
>truck, 0.9 tons unladen, can carry 0.5 tons payload, but I imagine the
>ratio has improved since the 1940s... On the other hand, I know someone
>who is an HGV driving instructor so if these opportunities are going to
>come up, perhaps I should ask him for a few lessons...

   Yes, we have similar requirements here. You have stduy for the license,
take the written and driving tests and be tested for drugs. It's not
something you can do on short notice.

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