Kim-1 Computer

From: Doug Yowza <>
Date: Wed Jan 6 17:45:11 1999

On Wed, 6 Jan 1999, Marvin wrote:

> I got a chance to take a look at the Kim-1 computer today. It does have the
> number "0001" silkscreened onto the back of the board near the edge of the
> board near the connectors. I took a look at one of mine and it had the
> number 36?? screened at the same point, and the third Kim-1 doesn't appear
> to have a number screened on (or the light was bad enough I couldn't see it
> without removing it from the chassis. Anyone else with a Kim-1 have numbers
> screened on? If so, what are those numbers?

I'lll check mine when I get home, but it sounds like a serial number to
me. What's the latest date code on the chips?
> I might add this is the MOS Tech board and not the Commodore board. At this
> point, I don't know if this is a serial number or what, but I'll keep trying
> to find out. The 0001 machine also has a plastic case for it that looks
> like it was designed specifically for the Kim-1.

I've heard about the case being available, but I've never seen one.
Picture please. Or should I wait for it to show up on ebay? :-)

-- Doug
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