mac SE power supply

From: John Rollins <>
Date: Wed Jan 6 18:32:56 1999

>This can be caused by a low or dead battery on the motherboard. I got my
>replacement at Radio Shack here in the Twin Cities. John
I know the Mac II does that if one or both internal batteries go bad, but
AFAIK, the SE doesn't really care about the battery beyond storing the date
and time, and a few other minor details that MacOS(I hate calling it that,
but it actually isn't too bad... System Software for those of you who
absolutley can't stand it) likes to know about, pretty simple stuff and it
has no effect as to wether the computer will start or not. And while we're
at RatShack getting a battery, pick up a cheap digital multimeter. They're
pretty cheap most of the time, you don't need to get a $200 DMM to do
simple everyday stuff. In fact I'd rather have a cheapy $20 one than an
expensive one, because I have a habit of dropping, throwing, stomping and
zapping various things ;-) In fact, I've had pretty good luck with the
Tripplet(Trippet, whatever. Something like that) 2022 that I got at Fry's
on sale for right around $20, normal price is around $30-35 IIRC. Even
tests transistors! Anyways, open up the computer and check all the cables,
wiggle stuff around(stay away from the CRT!! That can give you a nasty zap
if you're not careful. Might want to go buy a CRT disharger if you're going
to play around with "toaster" Macs or monitors very much) and try it again.
I don't have an SE anymore, so I can't run over and check the inside ot see
what's there... Anyways, if it refuses to do anything still, pull out the
power supply, check all the fuses you can find, open up the power supply
and check for blown up, burnt, missing or extra pieces, then plug in just
the power supply and check out the outputs with the DMM. I've heard that
they don't always put out the right voltage without a load of some sort,
but I've never had any problems like that other than with LC-type PS's(they
always seem a bit off, but it always turns out to be a RAM problem...).
That brings me to another point, try swapping out the RAM. Try unplugging
the hard drive. The problem has to be in there SOMEWHERE...

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