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From: Doug Yowza <>
Date: Wed Jan 6 18:55:53 1999

I tried Xerox TextBridge Pro 98 last night. Not great, but not bad
either. It does capture both text and images and can generate HTML with
the basic format intact. It also gives you the opportunity to
proof/correct the OCR, and the clean-up needed wasn't too bad -- a couple
of minutes for the type-written pages I scanned.

It has a poor user interface, but the "wizard" is pretty helpful (perhaps

The worst misfeature, from my perspective, was that it could only handle
b/w scans, so the images look about like they would if somebody faxed them
to you. This makes no sense to me. If they could handle color scans
(perhaps by internally converting to b/w before the OCR if needed), then
I would use this to webify lots of docs.

As it is now, I'd still need to do separate scans for images if I wanted
nice images. I'll try to crank out a few webified pages this week, and
you can see the results.

-- Doug
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