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> Naw, you're not even close to being the 53rd state! We're going after
>Puerto Rico right now, the ten Canadian provinces are next, then Mexico.
>You guys are way down the list. It must be sad to realize that you follow
>even Mexico!
> Sorry, couldn't resist! :-)

There's a line there, ah what the heck.

Sad is not the word, relieved perhaps! :^)

I couldn't resist either. Mind you, looking at TV here,
or driving around any medium sized city, and seeing the
Kentucky Fried Chicken, McDonalds and Hungry Jacks (=Burger King)
outlets, and seeing all the kids roaming around in those silly baggy shorts
with their baseball caps on backwards, it's getting hard to tell the
At least we still speak real English, despite the school systems apparent
inability to teach kids to write and spell in it.........

Ahem, to get back on topic, I have a Circa 1989 Toshiba T1200 laptop that
has a
Puredata 8023 (assume Ethernet) card in the expansion slot.
There is nothing for this on the Puredata website, and my email to their
support on 30/12/98 has not been responded too (yet).

The card has an etch that reads

PDT8023 [R]
[C] 1989 Pure Data
Made in Canada

The T in the ident suggests a special (Toshiba?) build.
The card has a single BNC socket and a switch marked 0 and 1,
which is probably a power on/off function.
There are three jumpers marked E1 E2 and E3. E2 has a shorting
bridge on it.
There is a bar coded sticker on the component side.
The sticker is damaged, looks like 002x1945
(digit marked by x is unreadable, possibly a 6 or an 8)
Several of the chips on the board have a date and a hex number on
a paper sticker on them. Listed below.

March 1990

March 1991

March 1991

March 1991

March 1991

I'm after some Netware drivers for it. (This is an XT laptop)
I've tried the NE1000 drivers to no avail.
I'm assuming it uses the IRQ (3) that is reserved for the internal modem.

Any help appreciated.


Geoff Roberts
Computer Room Internet Cafe
Port Pirie
South Australia.
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