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>Again, how typically American! I'm starting to hate American's to the
>point I'm looking for another country to move to, since I'm embarrased to
>say that I'm an American myself. Anyone know any good countries that I can
>move to, and not be embarassed to be associated with?

Come on down (under).

>The Internet is not an American only thing!

No it isn't. I accept that the original concept and the early development
took place in the US. The growth of the net has made it a global
though the spam is nearly all American in origin!
>I'd like to point out a few things, my reaction to a message that was about
>%30 HTML caused this thread to spring into being. I'm using a e-mail
>client that can handle it without any problem, I've also got a dedicated
>384k line, so bandwidth isn't a problem for me

Lucky boy. That sort of bandwidth is way out of reach of most people in
this country.
A typical home user would probably have a 28.8 or 33.6k modem, with a few
thrown in. 56k doesn't always work well, heck I'm using a 56k USR modem,
it won't connect to my ISP faster than 33.6k, even though the ISP supports
Phone line quality most likely. ISDN is available, but it's timed by the
and frightfully expensive to install, so most ISP's won't allow a dial on
they will only do ISDN for a permanent connection. Change ISP's did I hear
say? There are only 2 here. We are in the country ~100 miles from
plenty more there, but it's 50c a minute for a long distance call during the
and it's not a lot different there
Since a permanent 33.6k modem line (like this one) costs around $290 a
and a commercial 64k ISDN permanent is around $1000 a month, you don't see
a lot of users on it yet.....
Oh yes, our local phone calls are not timed (yet - they keep threatening -
because of net users) but the backlash from consumers is keeping them on the
back foot - for now. They are not, however, free, it's 30c a call, though a
local call
in Australia can cover a sizeable area depending what area code you are in.
The 08 area code covers the entire state of SA, which is roughly 5 or 6
the area of the UK. Local calls are roughly a 50 mile radius of the place
you call from.


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