Sociology and Message formatting

From: Stephen Dauphin <>
Date: Thu Jan 7 14:12:45 1999

On Thu, 7 Jan 1999, Chuck McManis wrote:

> I particularly enjoy the more clever rejoinders.
> Now that you have all thought about this for a minute, take your view and
> widen it up to include a lot more history.
> The move to the internet from BBSes was cost. The move from plain text to
> HTML is being motivated by the ability to communicate more clearly.

Huh?? These messages are memos. They are not books or a digital
equivalent. Some are informative and are worth archiving, but most like this
note have a shelf life of less than a week.

Are you really looking forward to the day when everyone will be able to
foist a time wasting video production on their email recipient? If
prearranged from well chosen friends, I'd probably take it, but not from
a forum like this. I think most on the list will agree - ascii or some
sort of friendly equivalent like iso-Latin.

The way things are going, someday you will pine for the time (like now) when
spam was so simple.

                                              -- Stephen Dauphin
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