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>Needless to say they didn't know. Nor do they know what license (if any)
>is needed to receive amateur television...

Can't help with the other examples, but IIRC, in days of old, when we had
such things as TV licenses, it was still legal for an amateur (or
non-amateur) to use amateur tv without a broadcast listeners license.
The test was whether the tv transmission was on a normal broadcast channel
and could be received on an unmodified tv. If it needed a separate rx then
you didn't need a license. The PMG had just about lost interest in the
whole concept of receiver licensing by this stage anyway, though they made a
last attempt to get people to comply with a massive (for those times) tv and
radio adverstising campaign which didn't really net too many more licenses.
Shortly thereafter, they dropped the whole system. The only receivers that
require a license these days are certain satellite systems (under some
special circumstances). Otherwise you are free to look/listen to anything
you like. (Except mobile phones - in theory)

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