DEC boards

From: John Rollins <>
Date: Thu Jan 7 20:11:58 1999

Picked up some more goodies, got a Plus+ Hardcard 40 hard drive(SMS OMTI
chipset for the controller side! Maybe I can plug it into my Apollos...),
and two DEC boards. The first one seems to be a CPU card,, it's part number
is L0111. The second one looks like I/O or a drive controller, it's an
L0101. I have no idea what they go into, but a glance at my PDP-11 card
list has another Lxxxx on it, and it's a Vax card. So maybe I have some VAX
cards? I don't know. Anyone know exactly what they are? I really doubt
they'll plug into my PDP-11/84, but it might be a good idea to stop me
before I try... :-)

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