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From: Hans Franke <>
Date: Fri Jan 8 12:34:24 1999

> > > Well, there's be a good reason for doing that in the UK. The license for
> > > a colour TV is something like 4 times the cost of one for a black and
> > > white TV. And the extra 'entertainment' might not be worth that much.

> > TVs require licenses in the UK? What about if you buy a CRT and make your
> > own?

> The license is for something like 'installing and operating a TV
> receiver'. The money from it is used to fund the BBC. One license covers
> all the TVs (and VCRs, etc) in use at one 'household'. A colour license
> allows you to operate B/W TVs as well (but not vice versa of course). Yes
> there are other terms, conditions and exceptions but that will do for now.

I still belive, if anything can be more complicated by using a form
and a stamp (and 3 signatures and 2 more stamps) the British will
have a proper form and a whole line of buerocrats to fill it :)
(I love former british colonies - one trip to india needs at
least 4 to 5 pages in my passport).

In fact we have a simmilar system in Germany, but we only divide
into radio and TV - But not B&W vs. colour - but you have to pay
if your reciver is fine for the used frequency and modulation,
in other words, if you have one of these TV (sound) able radios,
you have to pay like for an TV - no matter if there is an picture
or not - which leads to the fact that even a blind couple has to
pay for the TV, when owning such a device (but they get also a
reduced TV rate :).

On the other hand it simplifies most of your questions - if a
device is able to recive a TV signal and decode the data part,
you pay.


Ich denke, also bin ich, also gut
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