Stupid CP/M question

From: D. Peschel <>
Date: Sat Jan 9 00:14:30 1999

> Derek, Thanks for the help it worked perfectly.It does seem alittle backwards
> though after using the DOS copy command for so long..

You're welcome.

Don Maslin posted another reply with some options I missed. You may need to
use them in some cases. Add


(including the square brackets) after the PIP command. The syntax is wierd
but that's the way DEC did it in all of their operating systems, which CP/M
is based on. (Actually, they use the underscore which according to the
pre-1968 (?) version of ASCII looked like a leftward-pointing arrow.)

> I actually looked up this command in the Kaypro manual, but did not find
> anything, its very difficult to find anything in it, and also no pictures
> either.. <Grin>!!

There are other comprehensive books out there. I have one especially good
one which I think is called _The CP/M Handbook_.

If you want to get the most out of the Kaypro, you should do four things:

        - Read the manual or find a better book. There are't that many
          commands but one command may do several things.

        - Get the FAQ for comp.os.cpm. It doesn't explain everything but
          it has useful information about certain topics (like uncompressing
          compressed files).

        - Get a communications program if you don't have one. SUPERTERM
          (included on the Kaypro CP/M disk) is lousy. MITE is much better.
          MEX is apparently good but I haven't set it up. Don will send you
          MEX on disk for $8.

        - Look at the archive at and download all of
          the cool software there. There are file maintenance programs and
          practically everything else you might want, as long as it's not

-- Derek
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