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From: Ward Donald Griffiths III <>
Date: Sat Jan 9 00:52:30 1999

Miles O'Neal wrote:

> But beyond that, the ones I used never broke. They just didn't.
> Oh, they glitched out occasionally, and you had to reboot, but what
> didn't? For that matter, today, what Micro-based OS (besides BSD
> and Linux) won't?

Actually, if you forget to exit and restart Netscape every few days,
there's apparently a minor memory leak that will screw up Linux, at
least as far as my experience is with several Linux distributions
(updating them occasionally) and several releases of Netscape go --
as the machines without it running don't have the same problem, my
Samba server having rebooted four times in three years only when
the power company screwed up. (Hey, Samba was a bitch to get
working -- once it worked, I haven't touched anything except the
files to nfsmount volumes and share them to my wife's [what, you
think I _wanted_ to waste my old 386/25 as a server to] Windows

Perhaps the Linux version of Internet Explorer won't have this
problem. :-)}
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