RT - the rude, the bad, and the ugly

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Date: Sat Jan 9 02:11:12 1999

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Subject: RT - the rude, the bad, and the ugly

>Quick vignettes...
>1) I contracted for IBM here in Austin for a while. There
> was an RT on the austin.ibm.com network named "doorstop".
> AFAIK, about all it was being used for was to answer the
> pings for "doorstop".
>2) At PSW, Frank King (the IBM upper manager who more or
> less built the IBM workstation division) had just been
> installed as president when we took him on a tour of the
> premises. As we escorted him into the secure lab, his
> eyes lit up as he saw an RT.
> ``An RT! Wonderful! What do you use this for?''
> Tom Stewart pushed it in front of the door to hold it open.
> ``A doorstop? What else?''


>The high bidder would get to step out back onto the rifle range
>(why have 5 acres in Texas without a rifle range?), and put a
>7.62mm bullet into the RT's evil, beating heart.


>Nah, I'm sure there are 3rd world countries that would take them.
>But after they had them a while, they'd be even more pissed at
>the US than they are now... 8^/

Is that possible??? ;^)

Having almost choked on my coffee (actually it, was a West End Draught, but
I digress) and had my leg scratched by the resident cat who took flight off
my lap whilst reading the above, I think it may be time that we required
such posts to have an obligatory warning of C&C (Coffee & Cats) variety, so
I don't do it again. :^)

Any seconders?

Geoff Roberts
Computer Room Internet Cafe
Port Pirie
South Australia.

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