Y2K stuff

From: D. Peschel <dpeschel_at_u.washington.edu>
Date: Sat Jan 9 03:39:43 1999

> [encouragement for an off-topic rant]
> Oh, the shame....

I was afraid that would happen. :)

Let's put it this way. If Ward is going to speak out about politics, would
you rather have it be intelligently or unintelligently?

And I didn't say he *should* reply (although he probably will).

I do have to admit that I'm looking forward to hearing what he has to say.
Shh, don't tell anyone! :)

I'm assuming that the WPPDQ (Ward-postings-per-day quotient) is a constant,
basically. Hopefully the SPWPQ (substance-per-Ward-posting quotient) can go
up and leave the WPPDQ the same.

I guess posting something on-topic is the best solutioon. Does anyone have
a Corvus Concept? I bet Blockout (3D Tetris) would look pretty cool on it.

-- Derek
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