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From: Doug Yowza <>
Date: Sat Jan 9 18:20:33 1999

On Sat, 9 Jan 1999, Max Eskin wrote:

> If you
> were seeing people discussing something face to face at a party or
> club meeting or conference that you didn't like, would you tell them to
> shut up? I hope not, though the internet attracts socially inept
> creatures. I expect the same level of politeness on the internet, in a
> civilized discussion which I define this to be. I will not allow
> technology to take humanity away from people, to the extent that I can.

Err, newsflash: this is not a parlor room. Would you have gotten up on a
soapbox in a room filled with 200 people and blurted out that little
speech of yours in a face to face situation?

Mailing lists have their own etiquette, and your off-topic rant just
violated it. Yeah, so does this one.

-- Doug
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