old sgis

From: Mitch Wright <mew_jac_at_swbell.net>
Date: Sat Jan 9 18:51:49 1999

> Yes, they all have ethernet. Want a unix box? If so, they're worth grabbing.
> Monitors are fixed-sync RGB, and probably not useful on anything else you
> have or might get.

http://www.mirage-mmc.com/core.html Makes "PC" video cards to drive
almost any fixed freq workstation monitor. That's how I drive the 21" HP
A1097C in front of me, got two for $50.


> As it happens, there's another (non-list) chap for whom I've been getting
> my 3130 running again (a bad video board, then a blown /etc/passwd...) in
> order to generate a boot/install tape. I'd be much more enthusiastic about
> doing it if there were a few other people on the list who need them as well,
> so I can do a bunch at one time.
> Jonathan
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