5.25" Floppies on a P2 system

From: Zane H. Healy <healyzh_at_aracnet.com>
Date: Sun Jan 10 19:15:37 1999

>Zane, I think that you will find that different folks have had different
>experiences in this regard. It seems to depend upon the speed of the
>processor, the make/model of the FDC, and the FD drive. I have used
>TeleDisk with no problems on a 486/33. I cannot comment on putr.
>Try it and see is probably the best guidance.

I got smart and did a few DejaNews searches after asking the question this
morning. It looks like most people have problems trying to do this on
anything faster than a 486/33 (which is what I'm currently using). My
problem is when I bought that system back in '91 I bought it to be
expandable, so it's in a _FULL_ size tower case, and I'm looking to free up
some space. Looks like that one stays though.

Actaully I don't know that 'putr' has a problem with the higher speeds, but
apparently 'teledisk', 'anadisk', and '22disk' all have problems with
systems faster than a 486/33.

Does anyone run 'putr' on a Pentium or Pentium II? It's the utility I'm
the most interested in being able to run. I've tried running it in DOSemu
under Linux and that doens't seem to work.

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