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Date: Mon Jan 11 10:02:51 1999

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>At 12:53 PM 1/9/99 +1030, you wrote:
>>Are they polymer rather than paper like all ours are now?
>Still paper, but with a few more security features.
>>To save money, the govt withdrew all coins below 5c, we now have $1 & $2
>The US could have hundreds of millions of dollars by doing that (at least
>$1 coins) but it has been demonstrated around the world that the only way
>to do that *successfully* is to pull the bills out of circulation
>immediately as the coins are released.

   The biggest reason that the US government was considering switching to a
dollar coin was the satisify the vending machine owners. They were losing
sales because many items sold for more than a dollar and people didn't
carry enough change to make the purchases. The owners claimed they couldn't
make a machine that would take bills but soon another company started
marketing a change machine and when they did it killed the demand for a
dollar coin. The public never liked the dollar coins and the banks seldom
gave them out unless you asked for them.
>Our "Susie B" dollar was a failed attempt -- becuase the bill was not

  FORCING the public to use it is not my idea of success!

 People claim silly things like it was too close in size to the
>quarter (BS - try it sometime) or it was too heavy.

   It is too heavy compared to a bill. Try putting ten or twenty of them in
your pocket and carry them around for a day!

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