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Date: Mon Jan 11 22:58:11 1999

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> It will be an Ethernet LAN... but I don't have the details. Yet. So I
> suppose I need to find a PDS Ethernet card for SE... (I believe it was
> specific to the SE...?) Any clue where I might find one of those? That's
> what I need, I believe.
> I think then I'd be all set, no?
> xoxo van

I believe Asante made a scsi <> ethernet adapter. IIRC, the SE has the DB-25
scsi port on the back. (I have an SE and an SE/30, but wouldn't ya know
they're both downstairs along with my 128k, my Plus and my Classic)

What I'm going to try is to PhoneNet/AppleTalk all my Macs together, and then
run the NetWare client as well on my 7200 to give the ATalk network a gateway
into the NetWare environment. Hopefully, everybody will get along. That way, I
can also use my Duo and my Portable, which still works (although only on AC,
since the battery's dead and I have other things to spend $90 on right now.)
along with the old Macs. Kinda overkill for a private home, but what the heck. It
doesn't have to be practical. "Just because I can" usually works for me.

Paul Braun
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