Computers for children

From: Bill Pechter <>
Date: Tue Jan 12 20:13:55 1999

> What I did have was parents who encouraged me to learn, who helped me
> learn to read (I don't mean they forced books at me, but as soon as I
> showed an interest in something they encouraged it), etc.
> IMHO the ability to use a reference book is still essential. There are
> plenty of books I use where there simply aren't equivalents on CD-ROM.
> And there's no reason why a child shouldn't learn to use books as well.
> -tony

Yup... and you can't put margin notes in a CDROM.
Which is why I told DEC to stuff the fiche they wanted me to use
daily and got my Field Service manager to let me order hard copy docs
on things I worked on almost daily, like TU77's and 78's...

(The official adjustment procedures for some things just plain
sucked and there were some field service tricks that cut the time to
get em working by 50% -- like using the windage techniques on RP06's
with the tunnel open and the Perch tester...)


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