Tandy 600 acting screwy

From: Roger Merchberger <zmerch_at_30below.com>
Date: Tue Jan 12 23:40:09 1999

On or about 11:28 AM 1/9/99 -0800, Jason Willgruber was caught in a dark
alley speaking these words:
>I've got an old Tadny 600 laptop that I used to use for quick note-taking.
>I "retired" it about a year ago when the battery would no longer run the
>floppy and I had been given a Tandy 1400HD. Since then, the hard drive
>controller in the 1400 has "lost the magic smoke", and I'd like to get the
>600 running again. I replaced the NICd cells, charged them overnight, and
>pressed the power switch. What do I get? Garbage filling the screen. I do
>the 5-finger salute cold boot. Here's what I get:


My 600 started doing this as well... but without the NiCd's in it at all.
Methinks the nicads are necessary for voltage regulation or somesuch...

One question: You mentioned replacing the nicads -- I don't know if this
makes a difference, but did you use *hi-capacity* nicads??? The original
nicads in the T600 were 4000mAh - the plain-jane RadioShack D-cell nicads
are like 1800mAh or so, IIRC.

Aim for RS's Hi-Capacity Nicads - 4500mAh - should increase that 11 hour
(advertised) runtime by over an hour.

Or just order a new Tandy battery pack - for $80.00. :-( Ummm, I don't
think so!!!

Will let you know when I get mine working (local RS only had 3 batteries...
:-/ ).

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