FW: Fellow needs help using a paper tape reader

From: Marvin <marvin_at_rain.org>
Date: Wed Jan 13 01:21:48 1999

Bruce Lane wrote:
> Can someone please get in touch with this guy? He asks a most
> interesting question.
> Any advice on how to attach a paper tape reader to an IBM compatible
> computer? How about making the PC emulate a tape reader?
> Sounds crazy, but we run some software from paper tape...would be easier
> if it were on disk.

Ah yes, that was the first project I wrote in C. Had a paper tape reader
hooked up to an NC Drill, and I got rather tired of the lack of paper tape
editing utilities :). Replaced the tape reader with a connection to the
parallel port of an XT ... after about two weeks of tracking down timing
issues that caused occasional read errors. That program was still in use as
of about six months ago, and still may be in use now.
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